Experience an Electric Bicycle (E-Bike) Tour on Corolla's Greenway!

ebike tour of Corolla Greenway

Feel the wind in your hair as you experience an electric bicycle (E-Bike) tours of Corolla’s Greenway. This is a great  and fun thing to do during your Corolla vacation! Pick up your electric bicycle (E-Bike) at our store (821 Ocean Trail, Carolina blue stand alone building at the corner of the Food Lion shopping plaza) and be on your way for your self-guided tour of Corolla’s Greenway.

You’ll start your self-guided electric bicycle (E-Bike) tour from our store, which is located in the middle of Corolla’s Greenway and choose your adventure by going NORTH or SOUTH:

Tour Option One: NORTH If you choose to head north, you will travel to Whalehead and the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. If you are feeling extra adventurous, this is a great time to climb the lighthouse as well (extra fee)! Visit the Currituck Maritime Museum and explore beautiful Whalehead park before heading back to the starting point of your tour.

Tour Option Two: SOUTH: If you choose to head south, travel along the Corolla Greenway and enjoy a nice wide, peaceful path all the way to Pine Island Audobon Sanctuary. This beautiful natural area is home to lots of local wildlife and is a beautiful place to spend some time. If you are feeling extra adventurous, take the time to walk along the 3 mile nature trail to take-in more of the beautiful Corolla views.

Of course, you can always choose to double up and tour BOTH! You can do both in one day, or come back a second day and travel on the second tour. It’s all available to you! We know one thing for certain, once you experience riding an electric bicycle (E-Bike) on the Corolla Greenway, you won’t want to stop!

Your self-guided electric bicycle (E-Bike) tour lasts up to 4 hours. Electric bicycles are due back to the store within 4 hours from the start of your tour. 

Cost of tour: $59 per person