• We offer scoot-coupe rentals in Corolla, NC.
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  • We have Tandem Bicycles for Rent

OBX Beach Toy Rentals

We are now closed for the season and will reopen in Spring 2021. Thank you for a great Summer 2020 Season!!

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Bicycle Rentals

Rent a beach cruiser, small frame beach cruiser or kids bicycle to cruise around on your Outer Banks vacation.

Golf Cart Rentals

Renting a golf cart to cruise the Outer Banks will change your perspective!

Scooter Rentals

Renting a scooter is a great alternative mode of transportation in the Outer Banks!

Scoot Coupe Rentals

Rent a fun three-wheeled car and have a blast driving around and exploring Corolla!

With your entire family, as a couple or alone…

Enjoying your Outer Banks vacation has never been easier!

OBX Beach Toy Rentals offers a wide variety of fun rental options to help you get your Outer Banks and Corolla vacation moving! Whether you prefer a people-powered vehicle (such as a bicycle), gas-powered (such as a scooter or scoot coupe), or electric-powered (such as a golf cart), we have you covered. Our great rental products are popular among Corolla vacationers, so be sure to book today to guarantee availability of the best wheels at the beach for your Corolla vacation!

What kind of adventure are you seeking?

How do you prefer to explore Corolla and the Outer Banks?