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OBX Beach Toy Rentals

Who We Are

Hi! I’m Corolla Ken, your local Corolla recreation expert.

Having lived my entire life in vacation destinations on the Eastern seaboard, I understand the importance of recreation while on vacation and the relaxing change in the perspective a scooter, a bicycle, or golf cart provides.

That’s why I opened OBX Beach Toy Rentals over 10 years ago. A recreational vehicle rental transforms your vacation experience. You are able to enjoy your time in a whole new way. It immediately gets you into vacation mode and out of your everyday routine.

Riding a golf cart, bicycle, or scooter will transition you to chill mode and so you can enjoy your vacation and time together with your friends and family. It solves transportation problems and helps you get to the beach with all your gear so you can relax.

My first job as a teenager was at a go-kart track in Ocean City, MD. This was the perfect spot to get to know the importance of recreation while on vacation. I continued my career and eventually owned several businesses in the automotive industry.  After two decades in that business, I feel I now have come full circle and am back to the beach and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle where I get to help people have fun and enjoy themselves while on vacation.

With two teenagers and a busy professional wife, we know something about the importance of family vacation time.

I’ve been proud to be a part of the Outer Banks beach vacation business for the last ten years. I always strive to offer new ways to help people with recreation and have expanded into golf cart service and sales with OBX Beach Buggies.  Today, and for years to come, “Corolla Ken” will continue to help you make the most of your Outer Banks vacation.