Golf Cart Usage Instructions and Tips

We get lots of questions from our customers who may not be familiar with driving a golf cart. Golf carts are easy to drive, and once you get the hang of it will be a breeze, but there are some tips to be aware of. 

How to start and drive a golf cart:

  1. Turn key to on position and press the lever in lower area by your seat to the left to go forward. 
  2. Pressing the same button to the right will put the golf cart into reverse.
  3. Braking is slow on a golf cart, so start breaking early!
  4. Golf cart motors will only make noise when they are moving. They are quiet when stopped.
  5. Be sure to plug in your golf cart every night to re-charge for the next day! 

Check out our instructional video for additional tips on plugging in and driving your golf cart around Corolla:

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