Outer Banks Scoot Coupe Rentals

Have you wondered what those cool three-wheeled cars you’ve seen around Corolla and the Outer Banks are called? Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn more… those fun three-wheeled cars are called Scoot Coupes! And, OBX Beach Toy Rentals is the exclusive Scoot Coupe rental location for the Outer Banks.

Spend a few hours, a day or even a few days driving around Corolla and the Outer Banks in an open-air, three-wheeled vehicle from OBX Beach Toy Rentals!

Scoot Coupes are actually scooters, but they look like a fun little beach buggy. Because they have a gas-powered 50cc scooter engine and reach speeds of up to 35 mph, they are street legal, and anyone age 21 and older with a driver’s license can operate them on local streets. And because they come in bright colors and are open air, they are a blast to drive. Most people rent them simply for fun, but they are also a functional mode of transportation with a storage glove box and trunk.

Scoot Coupes are very simple to drive and there’s no need to worry about balancing. And with seat belts and roll bars, they are completely safe. In fact, Scoot Coupes have been rented in multiple countries around the world for the past 13 years!  

OBX Beach Toy Rentals offers different Scoot Coupe rental options with no mileage restrictions. Hop in a Scoot Coupe and your mood and attitude will instantly change as you cruise around the Outer Banks.

Do we even need to say that kids love them? They are a great and safe way for the whole family to have fun!